Domane is delighted!

Last weekend, Aquilas and Ghislain went to Domane to deliver the new equipment and learn about the availability of the group to launch a small ecoCharcoal production.

They found many other groups awaiting them, ready to be part of the production. Unfortunately, for now, we don’t have the necessary infrastructure to integrate these new groups. That would mean buying more equipment and add further training and monitoring. And we are not ready for it. Besides, we are learning how to launch and to get things ready… we are acquiring a process.

Domane is our starting point… is our “épanouissement” (blossoming), as Ghislain said. So we think the best thing is to stick closely to the established plans, start small, learn with mistakes, reflect on our process, try, learn, improve, learn, retry and continue learning … so we optimize all the process for the next production group.
We need to make tests and try out new raw materials. The only delay (that I didn’t foresee) is that we still don’t have this biomass available, first because it’s the rainy season, so the crops are still growing, and second because, even the existing biomass is wet, so it makes it difficult to carbonize and optimize any process. But because Domane has now a small storage place, they can begin a small production and keep some activity, and they have a safe and dry place to store their equipment, materials and production… And Domane is fully motivated!

Our local coordinators said that Domane is highly enthusiastic and thankfull for our support. I personnaly do not doubt that, because I remember the fantastic demonstration Domane prepared when I was there. They even had a welcome letter for me (which I keep among my personal treasures), and they prayed to bless the demonstration and the foreigners that were assisting… The prayer worked!

Now I share with you some precious pictures that Ghislain, with a lot of patience and effort, managed to upload yesterday, from the last saturday, spent in Domane.

Let’s keep sending our positive thoughts to our good people of Chad!
Courage, mes amis!


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