What are our friends doing in Moundou?

Aquilas and Ghislain are really dedicating themselves to the project. Now, in between funds, there is no money available for the project, but even so they manage to make it go forward. On Sunday, Aquilas went to the only place in Moundou where pictures can be uploaded with relative efficiently, La Résidence, the new high-class hotel in Moundou. 5000cfa, a little fortune for chadians, is the price for the hotel’s internet service, so we can all enjoy here the following pictures:

About a month and a half ago, the village of Bahili received our ecoCharcoal local managers, Aquilas and Ghislain, for a training session on the carbonization and production of ecoCharcoal briquettes:

These pictures are enough to describe the enthusiasm the ecoCharcoal brings to these villages. Bahili is close to Domane, and this fact will actually make our work more efficient because Aquilas and Ghislain can, in a single trip, visit both localities and pick up the bags more easily. For you to have an idea of the kind of roads they have to go through, I uploaded a video to youtube of the road to Domane last september.

Two weeks ago was the Women’s week fair, and the ecoCharcoal was also there. According to Aquilas, one bag (50kg) of ecoCharcoal and 6 improved cook-stoves were sold!
Here are the pictures:

This week was the Exposition de la Francophonie in Moundou. Manon, a technical assistant at the Centre d’Apprentissage de la Langue Française (CALF), organised the exhibition and invited our project to be there. How fantastic!
People visiting are always happy to get to know our project and encourage our work. People want to see it more and have access to the ecoCharcoal. But for now, we can only afford a humble scale production!

All sounds amazing and we’re very, very happy for our team in Moundou. Courage, vous êtes incroyables!


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