I began working in this project as a volunteer architect, responsible for the design of a Center for the ecoCharcoal in Moundou. But as the situation evolved, I proposed the ecoCharcoal project to CEAUP, a portuguese NGO, with which I’ve been contacting since the begining of my work with Envodev.  Currently I am a researcher and the project coordinator at and institutionally backed-up by CEAUP. I am responsible for the ecoCharcoal project’s communication and international representation.

Since the settlement of the protocol between CEAUP and the ecoCharcoal project, my role is to launch a production. For that, I am working on the detailing of the project, communication and the demanding of support.

The project was granted in December 2013 a fund by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, EDP Foundation, Portugal-Africa Foundation and Luso-American Foundation for the Development. This funds enabled me to make two one-month trips to Chad to get in touch with the project and get to know it better.


from left to right: Aquilas Dadje, me and Ghislain Rodoumbaye

With this blog, I aim to showcase the process of the project and to share my experiences and discoveries.

For further information:


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