CEAUP_Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto (Centre for African Studies of the University of Porto) is a multicultural and multidisciplinary research and cooperation organization, formed in 10th November 1997. Brings together researchers, academics and students from national and international institutions.

Since 2009 it is recognized by the IPAD (Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) as a Non-Governamental Organization for Development (ONGD). It was born from a desire to combine research to concrete actions for development cooperation.

CEAUP believes in the ecoCharcoal project, and has offered its help and cooperation since the begining of my collaboration with Envodev. It has been very supportive and it believes in the potential of the ecoCharcoal. CEAUP has established, in October 2013, a protocol with ENABA (Entreprise de la Nouvelle Alliance de Bâtiment), a local entity, run by Aquilas Dadje, in Moundou. This collaboration aims at finding out financial and technical means that will enable the ecoCharcoal project to grow and to launch a production.


The cooperation protocol was signed between CEAUP and ENABA because, at the time, Envodev-Tchad was facing some uncertainties about its future. Finally Envodev-Tchad remained, even after Envodev (the american NGO) left. Therefore, today the project is locally represented by the association Envodev-Tchad.

ENABA provides all the necessary facilities for research and ecoCharcoal production.

A big THANK YOU to the architect and researcher at CEAUP Bruno Marques, that is always there for me!


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