Envodev-Tchad is a local association based in Moundou. It represents and is the main responsible for the ecoCharcoal project in Chad, and is represented by Aquilas Dadje and Ghislain Rodoumbaye. It was established by Envodev, an american not-for-profit NGO.

Envodev’s primary goal was to provide economic relief to Chad through vocational training projects and job creation culturally and geographically appropriate.


Envodev developed a project where charcoal is produced through the use of rice straw _ the eco-charcoal project.

Despite Envodev having successfully launched a production unit, it was forced to abandon the project owing to limited resources.

The ecoCharcoal project is presently institutionaly represented by a portuguese NGO : CEAUP (Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto).



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